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 Van Isle is the local CFO chapter here on Vancouver Island.  We are inter-generational, with adult, youth, and children's programs at our camps. We run two Christian Camps a year, Summer Camp at Cowichan River Bible Camp,  and Spring Retreat at Camp Imadene .  Spring Retreat is more focused to adults, with babysitting only for kids.Type your paragraph here.

The daily program of Van Isle CFO is the same program that is followed in every one of the 90 CFO camps and retreats around the world!` There is an intentional rhythm to the day, an ebb and flow like the tide or the ocean waves. There is time for inward expression, for reflection and a deeper experience with God, and a time for outward expression, for release and sharing the Kingdom of God with others.

  Athletes of the


CFO attends to the WHOLE person, the BODY (physical), MIND, (mental),

and SPIRIT (spiritual).


CFO, "Camps Farthest Out", calls for a whole new outlook, a whole new lifestyle, a whole new way of prayer!


"Providing a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led program through which people discover the Kingdom of God in the midst of today's world". CFO is an inter-denominational experience. At CFO we believe that one denomination does not have all the answers; there is strength and growth in diversity. At CFO, though we have speakers and teaching, our focus is not doctrine - but the strongest common denominator – love for God and love for each other. 

Glenn Clark, the founder of CFO, was an athletic coach. He saw camp as a training ground; a place for “athletes of the spirit” to train to put God’s laws into practice in everyday life and to become more effective pray-ers [to have more dynamic conversations with God]. He knew that we often don’t make time in our busy lives to explore a deeper relationship with God and so we need to take this time apart, a time further out from our lives( a "camp farthest out") to practice this closer walk with God.