Summer Camp

JulY 7-13  2019

Van Isle CFO's summer camp is inter-denominational, and inter-generational, with adult, youth, and children's programs.  It is a time to go "Farthest Out" with Jesus, training to be like him, and training to relate to others with love no matter if you are 2, 52, or 102!

Leadership Team:

What to bring

Yourself! You also might want...
  • Casual modest clothing (for warm, cold, and rainy weather)
  • Bedding, pillows & towels and toiletries
  • flashlight
  • swimsuit for the river
Please don't bring...
  • Strongly scented products: perfumes, soaps, hair products, they make some people really sick!
  • Lots of electronic "toys". The less you bring of anything from apple, sony, etc, the more you are going to be refreshed when you return to the technology saturated world!
​​CFO is a place to build a meaningful, lasting relationship with Jesus.    It is a place where we learn to love others like he loves us. 


Cabins with a rustic finish. Tenting and trailer spaces are available.  Central indoor washrooms with showers.  One family per Cabin, singles will be in shared housing.


Song Leader: Wilma Schwarz

Devo' n' MO': Leah Robertson

Call Today: +1 250 7211033

Speaker: Brian Robertson

​Song Leader: Sarah Garland

Speaker: Joy Mostovoy

Corporate Praise & Worship
Holy-Spirit-led Speakers
Devotion in Motion
Drama, Writing, Art, Dance, & Music
Wide Games & Sports
Quiet Meditation
Prayer groups and sharing times
                  See brochure for farther details